What’s Your Deepest Fear?

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“What will people think when I need the gifts passed to me because I’m so out of shape I can’t get up and get them myself…”
“I wonder if I can grab a 5th helping without people noticing.”
“Man, I don’t want to go to the office party, nothing fits good anymore…”
“I used to love dancing at parties, now I don’t want anyone looking at me…”
“I’m not even looking forward to sitting on the beach in the Bahamas, I feel so uncomfortable”

This may not be exact, but it’s closer than we’d like to admit.

Ok, so maybe those “quotes” aren’t exactly what you are thinking, but for many, it’s enough to stir up some deep emotions.

One of the challenging aspects of our modern day life is that physical fitness is removed from the picture completely.
It’s amazing. It really is… This stacks the deck against us. It’s like going to Vegas, the odds are in favor of the house, not you.
It’s almost like the system is designed to prevent you from succeeding and reaching your goals and living the life you really want.
Back when most folks were farmers, you didn’t need to work out. If you didn’t “work out” your family starved. It was as simple as that. Making a living was WORK, real physical work.
Then we became modernized and technology quickly advanced. Back in the day everyone would imagine into the future and see loads of free time thanks to technology.
How’s that working for you? I know for me, I find myself even busier than ever now that I can check my emails anywhere in the world with a touch of a button, and now a swipe of the finger.
Are you following me?
Let’s head to a different topic for a second…
I hear students in high school, college and university say all the time “man I’m just SOOOOOO busy with school, I can’t wait until I’m done and get a real job so I can have some free time.
Then they graduate, get a job and BAM, no extra time at all! Of course, they’re just in a phase once they are settled down, they will have a little more time.
Then you start seriously dating, and then you find a spouse to spend time with, buy a home, start a family life…etc.
I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like I have ANY extra time! In fact, I know many adults with busy lives that wished they could just go back to school so they can unwind a bit!
There is ONLY ONE way to fit in health and fitness into your everyday life.
Your health and fitness has to become a MUST.

Not a should, but a must. I won’t spend too much time defining the difference between Must and Shoulds, but let me say this: We all get our MUST, but we rarely get out SHOULDS.
Like Anthony Robbins says, people who often say “I should do this, I should do that” (like “I should workout”) just end up “shoulding” all over themselves!
Make it a MUST. This is your life you are gambling with. Whatever you choose to do to stay active, you need to turn it into a routine and stick with it.
There are countless reasons not to workout, but we prefer to call them excuses. But NONE of them are good. Not one.
Working out is a must. Your health is a MUST. You only have one life, one chance to do your best, to do it right.
Get yourself a routine and follow it. It doesn’t even matter where you are working out or what type you are doing!
There are a MILLION reasons not to work out, but your life is the only one that matters, the only reason you need to HAVE to work out.
Live longer. Spend more time with your kids. Keep up with your kids. Be active with your family. Go for walks with your spouse. Make it up the office stairs without being out of breath. Wear that sexy black dress you dream about. Dance your heart out. Live the life you want.
Make your life, your health and fitness a MUST and you will NEVER have to worry about motivating yourself to workout again.

To your success,



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